You've never heard of it, but you can watch the AMV.

Steel Blue Panic

Steel Blue Panic: A Story Without A Cause

Steel Blue Panic is intended to be a fun anime-style story. Someday. The rough outline of the story is already written, but until its creators get enough time to actually give it form (be it comic, anime, or something else), there is nothing but a domain and an AMV.

If you were wondering, it has nothing to do with Full Metal Panic--the title was developed independantly, loosely inspired by the (great) NES game Metalstorm.

If and when it ever takes form, it'll be the story of four members of the Sacramento Police Department, circa 2030, and a few of their friends. It's action-packed (or rather, action-based), but should also have just enough human drama to keep the characters interesting, and plenty of humor (serious, Steel Blue Panic isn't). So maybe someday, God willing and budget and time permitting, you'll be able to enjoy it.


This AMV depicts one of the better action scenes from the story. Since I can't afford to do animation myself, the video is pieced together using footage from Armitage III: Dual Matrix and Elf Princess Rane (Yousei Hime Reen), set to Max's "Don't You Love Me", Maximum Hyper Non-Stop Mega Mix version.

This AMV is provided for entertainment purposes only; no guarantees are made as to the legality, quality, or even watchability of it. You're welcome to do anything you want with it, but don't hold me responsible.

To download this AMV to your computer, right click (control-click on Mac) one of the links below and save the file to disk. Enjoy!

320X240, 1:37 long, ISMA-compliant MP4 video. Should play in any player that supports true MP4 video, but is guaranteed to work with Quicktime 6.